Reviews for "FISHBANE"

Scary Places

You made a good blend of puzzle platformer with precise platformer.

The problem is that you made precision too needed to complete this game that it becomes so horrible that I don't want to play a game like this ever again.

Scary Places is ridiculous , pixel precise jumping with perfect timing? wtf...

Droqen responds:

Scary Places is the equivalent of a hell level. The credits played before you got to it; you didn't have to finish it or even play it :)

I don't think we deserved a 1/10 if the only thing you didn't like was one quest which we decided to make extra-challenging ;D

---> and for those who can play through it, hopefully extra-fun! I know I enjoyed both playing and making Scary Places a lot.


This game is fun. I am having a great time playing and recording the game through it has taken a few tries here and there like that one particular jump on quest 4. Thanks for linking to my video Droqen. I appreciate it =].

Droqen responds:

Glad you're enjoying it! Your video was the first of its kind, people needed help, so there was an obvious solution :]

You get more views, players get some help; it's a win-win situation :D

Anyway - thanks for making the videos! I appreciate that too.


best game since Meatboy!!! Good job!..
only complaint is the LAST goldfish.. i forgot about it the first time around, then i had to go through all the herd levels again, and the last level took me like 2 hours to beat, and then i didnt get anything but "david" :(
neways, awsome game, it was just a major waste of my time.. im still gonna give you a 10 though! :D

It's good but

It is so goddamn irritating how sometimes when you press jump he doesn't do it, or doesn't do it immediately. I'm talking about the 1st level of arson skies where you have to jump off the harpoon and he usually just won't friggin do it.


A funny little game... nothing else