Reviews for "NK - Fairydust"


This is a fun song that definitely screams dubstep. it is very epic with a drop that you would not expect never hearing this song. the only thing that makes me hate it a little is that the first eleven seconds is an ear rape and a half.

Otherwise this song is pretty good. 4.5

take away the first bit and you've got a 5 star from me, it hurts my ears a little bit, but then the (proper) music kicks in and my ears stop hurting. the first drop is a little high-pitched but that's fine in my opinion but the second drop is high and low pitched and quite messy, which is a shame because this song is really good in some parts, and the first part and the second drop just let it down slightly...

Why does the beguinning remind me of BattleBlock Theatre? THIS IS SO COOL!

I didn't rate 4 cuz I my opinion the drop feels way to repeated