Reviews for "NK - Fairydust"


Why you should listen to Rukkus songs: the first drop is epic.

Why you should keep listening to Rukkus songs after the first drop: the second drop is FUCKING LEGENDARY.

This is a really cool song but the two reasons that this I don't note 5 stars are :
- a bit too similar to your other songs.
- the org at the beginning is really agressive for the ears.

So I've been thinking of making an amazing show(anime) with a character that can dip into the power of a god to learn more about the universe while deadly superweapons are after him. This won't be your typical anime; the main character will be calm and collected, and there'll be no cheesy parts nor shitty fanservice (or any other stupid anime stereotypes). As he learns more about his powers, he'll also learn more about the universe and frequently get depressed when learning firsthand about genocides and other issues in human history. At the end of the show, he'll become god and he'll decimate all his enemies in a final epic manslaughter while Fairydust rips in the background.

That's my dream, anyway.

OMG OMG OMG FAIRYDUST BY SUPERPIZZALUIGI IS AWESOME. SONG IS AWESOME PLUS THE KILLER LEVEL DESIGN WOOOOOOOOOOOT! Rukkus/NK if you ever stop making awesome dubstep there is going to be some problems :)