Reviews for "NK - Fairydust"

You're really starting to make me dig dubstep! The beginning set the mods nicely, and the melody was good. The melody put in the magical feeling of the instrument, but the melody itself was kinda meh. But the drop. Damn, that was some good stuff! Made up for every negative aspect of the song. 5/5.
Btw may I ask what the person says in the drop?

Ech; As I'm no fan of dubstep I'll just rate the start of the song. And wow, that's good.
The loop at the start really sets the mood excellently; and keeping it throughout the entire intro even if it clashes with the rest of the song was a very interesting move. I also like the bassline quite a lot; It was unexpected, especially the halftones.

Sadly, every song comes with a catch, and for me it is the drop. The buildup was so good though so I can without a doubt rate this at least 4 stars.

I love how the wubs in the second drop are panned to make it more epic/surroundsound.


Why you should listen to Rukkus songs: the first drop is epic.

Why you should keep listening to Rukkus songs after the first drop: the second drop is FUCKING LEGENDARY.