Reviews for "NK - Fairydust"

The beginning ring hurts my ears, but the song overall is awesome! I like they way you didn't give a damn with the drop and it started so swiftly.

Love this song, very calm and quiet at the beginnig, but then it changes VERY quickly:D Good job, one of your best works :)

Great song though I had to download it to listen to it...WORTH it!!...although the begining is shitish.

Can i use this song if is in game Geometry Dash.? in a video

The title of the song really threw me off here. xD

At the beginning, it seemed actually calm for me, I first thought this would be a joyful dubstep song...

... but NOPE. Everything changed. :ooooo

It suddenly sends off attacks of dissonant notes, and man, are they AGGRESSIVE. The bassline leading towards the drop was sick. Amazing! :D

And then the drop, it's a bit screwy here, but it's saved later on by the next few seconds. What kinda disappointed me was that it repeated itself, I expected some more intensity. But I wanted to listen to the drop part again anyway. xP

The seconds buildup towards the drop, found it a lot better than the first half of the song! And finally, a different drop! Usually, songs are inconsistent and don't sound as great in the second half. However, this song doesn't have this case.

I personally think the ending should've been a bit better, but is quite understandable for this theme.

My final thoughts:

- Make your songs more diverse! It is kind of boring when you see the same structure in every song of yours (but each different bass drop sounds so good though xD).

- The last few seconds really need to be worked on. Try to make it different from the beginning, it'll sound very unique. :P

- If I showed her my little diehard-fairy-loving cousin this song, she'll have to think twice about fairies. >:D

Overall Rating: Somewhere in the range between 3.5-4.5, but I'll go along the middle of that rating spectrum. :P