Reviews for "Robo Run!"


Awesome, nice and cheery i also like the steady increase of pace

not TOO bad

well bacause platforms come kinda randomly there was once impossible jump that just couldn't be jumped and pretty much other impossible stuff but otherwise it's really good for beginner flash not bad :)

Not a bad game

Not too shabby of a game here but it was pretty basic and got boring after a little while except for the fact it had an online scoreboard,i liked the animation of the layout and the control (one button lol) was responsive and didn't lag bad,overall this was a solid game you made for Robot Day 2010. =)

Try harder if you want to release a game.

Okay, i understand that you did this quickly... but if you know you're making a substandard game... why release it? One button control; super weak clone of a decent runner-type game. This game is just depressing... please try harder next time. Remember, everyone loves power ups, you could add more to the Y axis. Jump off a building to land on a much lower building to break the tedium of running from left to right. I am disappointed.


wow where do i start?
1. as said background pisses me off
2. there is one control, and nothing to do but jump
3. it lagged....ALOT! more than it should have for a game like this
it was just not fun, i will give you 2 points for concept and 1 for graphics, it would have been more if i didnt feel like i was going blind every time i looked at the damn thing!