Reviews for "Robo Run!"

Theres this one thing....

Theres a glitch after you play awhile, that theres a pink block and land...and when you land on the pink block, you die. And the music starts playing twice but the first is faster and the second is slower...just thought that i would have to share this...Also happy birthday


mmm, its a robot canabalt, but without those boxes that u hav 2 jump and those bombs...
this is boring


i always get to a part where the pink theing is 3/4 of the way inside the earth one and then an unjumpable gap.

I don't like...

...how everyone is hating on this game. It's playable. It's responsive. It's worth ten or fifteen minutes of my time. The only thing I recommend is that you try to make the pace increase over time. Also, I did encounter bugs that others have mentioned, but not constantly. I think the other reviews were being a tad harsh. These suggestions, of course, are only if you plan on returning to edit this game. I can live with how it is. Not bad. 8/10. Happy Robot/ Birthday.

Good but bad

This is a reasonably good game but it looks like you rushed to get it done in time for today. It gets boring after a while but it also gets addictive. My high scores 12340