Reviews for "Robo Run!"

ok game

kinda boring not exactly something i would spend alot of time on

also HI FIVE for having the same Birthday

Not so good

Not such a good game when I press space it feels like Im being delayed by a second. 5 for the effort +1 for it being your birthday

canabelt was exciting.

this was not. it was bad... theres not much else to say... boring, bad game design, terrible visuals. just a bad game... happy birthday and all, but people need to stop trying to make canabelt. canabelt is fun, the remakes arent.

the turnip one is better

there are a lot of games with the same premise that are better than this one

Frozen Screen

Once I get to the screen that says "Press Space to play" my computer freezes and the only way I can get out is to use Ctrl Alt Delete. I don't know if it is just my computer but I would very much like to play this game :P