Reviews for "Robo Run!"

mehh, robo review

I was suprised at some of the viewers comments about how the art/gameplay wasn't up to standards, and instead I thought this looked like a great game... until I actually started playing it. I felt as if I were playing a run-down version of canabalt, and not a futuristic copy of the original itself. Controls were pretty self explained,and all that really needed to be done was perfect timing, but after a while I actually felt a little bored. The good ol' ragtime music didn't quite fit in with the game, but it kept me at a positive upbeat as the robot jumped from building to building, at timesthough, the tune felt too repetititive. Overall, an average game with a quite a few things that need to be ironed out before it can come close to reaching perfection, but at least it's got a cute character. goodish work.

P.S Happy late Birthday

Robot Rock!

cool games man! wow!

Needs More Work

I think the only thing going for this, for me, is the music. Unfortunately its not your creation/the person that did create it isn't recognized. I still believe its a nice catchy tune and fits in well with the game. I also noticed in the author comments that you are only 16 and highly commend you for even creating this game. As with everyone's reviews that i read its easy to see they all have the same feel, it gets boring. Try to adapt something else, i'm sure you can think of something.

Even at its best, it's still... robotic

The excitement quickly disappeared when the game started. While the art is nice and perfect for Robot Day, the gameplay is like a watered-down "Ninja Run" (or any other game that's similar to that exceptionally good game). Even when mastered, one still feels the frustration of failure.

The retro -- vaudeville? -- music may be the single, inspiring highlight. I say this because it kept bringing me back. It made the frustration of failure all the more bearable, and the idea of this robot running all the less pointless.

Surely it's not the worst game on here. Sadly, it's not that great of a game either. It's literally a robot game -- a game so dull that it's redundant.


This game was pretty terrible. The artwork wasn't particularly original or interesting, When I died, I had to press space several times to restart. It's boring, too. Really repetitive. To make it better, you either need to generally make it better, or, failing that, give it an escape feel.