Reviews for "Robo Run!"

no ti´s not...

it aint even near canabalt because you can´t adjust how long your jumps are... for heavens sake you making a game which´s only player interaction is jumping so it would be quite advisable to even be able to adjust HOW you jump. Oh and in the real canabalt there aren´t "Impossible jumps" there is only a danger of not being able to reach the next house if you bump into a box or something but if you are unbelievable skilled and dont use them at all you always have a fair chance. In this game all you do is jumping as soon as you reached the end of a plattform or time your jumps if neccecary

Well its erm canabalt

For the most part. I understand that you had to make it on a dealine and the difficulty ramp up feels a lot friendlier than canabalts. Butt it does share canabalts propensity for making impossible leaps appear as well.

Not a bad game though just nothing new really


yay, I'ver reached 3rd position in the hall of fame. ROCKS!!!


Good idea *cough*canabalt*cough*, but it needs some more features to get it to work fully.

Still, it's better than anything I've got around to making, and I understand you were on a deadline.

Nice try and happy birthday.


Just like Canabalt.