Reviews for "Robo Run!"


you can't get past some of the platforms because the gap is to big or the platform is to small other than that good game.


Why games such as Canabalt and RobotUnicornAttack are good is the speed, you feel the flow.

This is just ridiculous.


The dame was quite bad it only has one button and some gaps are impossible whis might be fun if you could adjust your running speed and had more obstacles, maybe even an upgrade system to get things like dubble jump.

Anyway congratulations with your birthday and many years to come!

Lots of bugs

Very fun game entertaining and such, addicting as well

but i did experience a good bit of bugs, there was a HUGE gap, fell through the stage, the platforms are...combined, might wanna fix those :P

got 19th place though good game overall


some jumps are too big for him to jump over.. surely you should have seen that flaw and corrected it?