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Reviews for "Exit Button"


that was amazing. your art is clean and fresh, your animation smooth and fluid, and your audio choice was good (considering pretty much all of it was music). the audio being all music was a good idea in my opinion, it allowed the viewer to create their own audio and left more to the imagination. this is a very sad movie and very touching at the same time. a piece of art truly...

karthon responds:

thanks, glad to read such words.


so smooth, so clear, overall every thing was good, but your animation is... is... AWSOME!

Wow, very wonderful

You have done such an amazing work of art. The animation and drawings was smooth, very unique as it tied together. The music was a great choice, I really enjoyed how it fit perfectly with it all. The message was so clear, and the story understanding.

Thank you for this, I really enjoyed it. Would love to see more of your talent. Keep up the great work.

Very charismatic

This was a neat little Robot Day 2010 flash you made and honestly probably one of my personal favorites i have seen so far,it had a real charm about it with the robotic like animation though the character designs weren't perfect they still had a charismatic feel to them and i think the song you put on there fit perfectly with the video,i must say that was two weeks well spent with you making this great Robot Day flash and i enjoyed it so much i gotta give you a 10 on this one. =D


Very touching, very deep. Had a good message