Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

I remember this

I remember I discovered you through a blog post of you talkng about this and I saw the demos an cutscenes and you siad this game is going to have the most medals on newgrounds and I did not beleave you.But you showed me so this is a big step for you and it is awesome.So this is fun and you were not kidding about this game it is great.This has gotton me interested in flash so I can not wait for your next game and hopefully it will be as god as this game

Psychofig responds:

Well, I am not going to make another game for a while, this one has eaten up all my time. But yeah, thanks! This is my first real flash game afterall!


Hehe, there haven't been made good Sonic games in a so long time, but this reminds of it and is so much better than those out in the stores atm! I love the fast speed game, with a bit change of gameplay! Good job pal!

Psychofig responds:

Thanks! Sonic was definitely an inspiration. It's too bad there are no loop-de-loops, but the upside down gravity and flying should be just as good!

Another friggin` Sonic rip-off...

But you managed to make it ridiculously amazing! It could easily be a real game, like for a game system, and not just a download title! The music was awesome, even in level 3. The graphics sucked, but I've seen worse. The controls were beautifully simple. Overall, next to perfect!

Psychofig responds:

Thank you! That was my original intention, to make it feel like a REAL game. I'm glad I succeeded! And again, thanks for the review!


Everything you said was of course experienced.
But I just liked the simplicity of it!
Most of the reviews that I see says it is great!
And it is!
Good luck on future projects!

Psychofig responds:

Thanks! This was one hell of an experience to make, and hopefully you enjoy playing it as well.


Loved it and loved the voice overs.

Psychofig responds:

Thank you! :D