Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

Pretty Fun

Despite the bad artwork and the often cringeworthy cut scenes this game isn't half bad. I played it for a bit on Robot Day and quite like it and now that I remembered this game I'm going to try and complete it. Ut is a long game which is good and it's obvious that you have put a lot of effort into it. Anyway, cool game, but the thing I've been wondering is why is it called Moovlin PC, obviously it's on a PC if it's a flash game...anyway yeah.


I go not load my profile all i could do is the tutoral


does not work on my keyboard.I wish i did not get a new computer.ps. computer is hp please respond author. pps. was that your voice during tutorial i just want to know. i gave 8 because it looks like a good game.

Good first attempt.

Things look grim for Jazela Galaxy when a new dictator named Safuma Poll takes over power. The galaxy's only hope lies in the hands of a plain red robot named Moovlin. Now he has to battle accross the galaxy fighting robots with literally no intelligence and being chased by a bounty hunter named Truff.

The object of each normal stage is to get the end as fast as possible, moving at the speeds comparitive to Sonic the Hedgehog. If that is not the case, then you need to kick the crap out of an enemy boss. Along the way, you have to solve some easy puzzles, traverse the winds, and defy gravity itself!

The controls are intuitive and well implemented. The arrow keys control Moovlin with running, jumping and ducking. The 'D' key executes his spinning attack, which is his only method of attack, for a while at least. You gain more power-ups as you progress through the game, making the stages varied enough not to be bored right away. However, there is one major problem. Sometimes the controls get locked up and instead of registering the correct key that is being pressed down, it will still register another key being pressed while any other keys are being pressed or not. For example, I press the 'D' Key to use Moovlin's spin attack and the key got locked up where he was constantly in that state, preventing me from jumping and ducking. This was fixable by pressing the button again, but when you're in the heat of the game, it becomes frustrating and annoying. Another thing is that at later levels, the controls don't become as responsive as they should. This only hurts game play as you can not control the game the way you want.

The Graphics are simple and plain. This works for a fast paced game as you aren't constantly looking at the graphics. Plus, if the graphics where too detailed, it would only slow down the performance. The frame rate has a great sense of speed, as well. The sounds are good, but there seems to be sound effects missing from certain cut scenes. The voice acting is top notch, seeing as you had help from great voice actors such as TomaMoto, Rina-Chan, and RLFHOG3. I don't know if you did any of the voices, but it doesn't matter. They all where great. The music is varied and, at some points, hilarious. My favorite has to be the Cheese World BGM.

The flying stages aren't as hard as many people seem to make them out to be. You just have to have patience, that's all. Though I can see their point about hittng an obstacle like electric walls and gushing lava giezers being a one hit kill type of deal annoying.

I see that the boss fight with Truff was fixed a little, but I still found myself dying mysteriously sometimes. This can be frustrating especially when it's a boss fight, and the first one at that. But the hit detection on Truff was improved!

Like I said earlier, the controls aren't perfect and can actually get in the way of gameplay. The characters are still plain and should have a little detail. Safuma Looks like a mess of a salad in a suit. The level designs are a little too simple, too. This does work with a fast-pace game, but try to add a little more height. Another thing is that at later levels, the checkpoint feature is skipped upon dying, where the game would go back to the beginning without any input form the player. I think this bug may have something to do with the controls flaw where they would lock up sometimes.

Overall, it's a great first attempt, but I think you tried to add too much right away. The game has some moments where the comedy would kick in during the cut scenes, so this did add the enjoyment of the game. The medals are very intuitive and a great addition as well.

Difficulty: Progressive
Replay Value: Moderate

Overall: 9.1

Concept: 9.4
Sound: 9.6
Graphics: 9.6
Controls: 8.2
Playability: 8.9
Fun Factor: 9.2

NG Rating: 9/10
Vote: 4/5


the red moovlin reminds me of renji from bleach anime or manga.