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Reviews for "Shipwreck Survivor"



Lare responds:



Not very hard...however...have sex with the boar? Hilarious! But seriously, what were you smoking? lol Cool, considering you made it in 24 hours...but whatever

Lare responds:

Crystal Meth and Subutex.


A few issues:
1. Satellite phone. Erm, NO, you wouldn't. Your ship just sunk, best guess, its not waterproof!
2. Rubbing sticks together. Actually you'd have a better chance hitting stones together.
3. Vaporize sea water. All you'd be left with is salt genius, its the water that evaporates, not the salt.
5. Attempt to kill it. Mabee, but how do you expect to do that when you left your knife on the boat?
6. Make a hammock. Same problem as 5.
7. Swipe it away with your hand. ARE YOU MENTAL?!?!? What you going to do if it bites you? Use a stick or something man!
The rest are fine and very logical. Apart from them it's good, better than what I could do anyway.

Lare responds:


1. Most Nokia-satellite phones are waterproof.
2. Nope, you wouldn't. Rocks don't burn.
3. You extract the water from the smoke with leaves or an empty bottle. I've tried it and it works.
4. You skipped number 4...
5. Killing it wasn't the right answer anyway.
6. You don't need a knife to make a hammock.
7. Brazilian Wandering Spider doesn't bite moving targets as easily as stationary ones. And most people don't sleep with a stick on them.

Learn to write reviews.

i killed the boar after i had sex with it

i laughed heartily at some of those answers. evidently i wasn't supposed to try and eat the spider either. or have sex with it.

Lare responds:

Well if you want to have offspring on the island, then those are the correct answers.


I chose all the best answers and it said "no matter what you will die"

Lare responds:

Let me tell you a secret... You chose wrong.