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Reviews for "Shipwreck Survivor"

fun game

good game and it's pretty unique since the only games that have this gameplay are zombie quizzes. I also liked the music, it reminds me of the monkey island game.

Lare responds:

Well if you listen really closely, you may find out that the music is actually from Monkey Island.


The game is actually very interesting and considering you made it in 24 h the graphics and everything is ok. The questions are interesting, however I find that some of them don't have much logic.
For example the first question it would be a better idea to take a knife and not a phone that might break. And besides you try cutting vines with a phone and see what happens.
Overall a good game. 8/10(8 because of the questions)
PS I got not well on my first try and after some thinking I got well(no I didn't look at a walktrough)

Lare responds:

Well I'm glad my game amused you and stuff.


Nice little quiz game you got there. I got ranked Bear Grylls on my first try.

Although I was kinda expecting a point-n-click adventure game, this was OK too.

Lare responds:

I wish I had the Akshunskipt-skillz to make a point-n-click...

That is strange

I have to admit that this is a very educational game to play. I managed to get the "Easily" ending, not that there is much difference for an ending anyway. I doubt I will ever be stuck on a desert island, but I do believe these are helpful hints to have. I was kind of hoping there would be more gameplay, but we can not always have games like that. It was a pretty original game, but the play is so different it takes some getting used to. I also liked the jungle music that played throughout this.

Lare responds:

You should play The Secret of Monkey Island. For multiple reasons.



Lare responds: