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Reviews for "Shipwreck Survivor"

Fun game, now here is the walkthrough

You have a chance to salvage one item from your sunken ship. What is it? -A solar powered satellite phone

You need to start a fire. What is your plan? -Rub sticks together

You need something to drink. What do you do? -Extract fresh water by vaporizing sea water

You start feeling dizzy from the sun. How do you treat yourself? -Drink fresh water and find some shadow

You encounter a wild boar. What do you do? -Attempt to kill it

You are getting tired and need a place to sleep. What do you do? -Make a hammock and sleep in it

When you wake up, you see a spider with striped legs on your lap. How do you act? -Swipe it away with your hand

Surrounding water seem to filled with fish. What do you plan to do? -Try and catch them for food

While wandering in the jungle, a branch cuts your hand badly. What do you do? -Clean it immediately

You're getting really hungry and need to find more food. What do you do? -Start gathering fruits

You see a cargo ship far in the horizon. What is the first thing you do? -Burn fresh leaves to create a smoke pillar

Lare responds:

Almost right!

Remember to choose the condom...

If you wanna try to have sex with a wild boar. Also great game, I love these types of quizes, though I love the secrets of monkey Island music, it does get annoying listening to the same tune for to long, please make a mute button next time, (Can you tell me how to win?)

Lare responds:

Mute button, eh? Sounds complicated...

good quiz

and I get 100%!

Lare responds:



As i said, entertaining game.
played it twice. first time: there aint much i couldnt handle, second time, u will die, no mather what. haha =D. that one question, you encounter a wild boar, what do you do? erm, have sex with it? =D
really was fun to play :')

Lare responds:

Tell all your friends and vote 5 every single day!

Oh wow.

I got 100% on my first try. The game was alright, but probably would've been better if some more animation was added. The music is also a bit cheesy.

Lare responds:

You need to read everything. There is no score display.