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Reviews for "Shipwreck Survivor"

Glad to see I'd survive easily.

I did eventually get the medal. Seems I made a few mistakes at first.

2. I thought it'd be better to hit rocks together, but that's probably only flint rock, my mistake. ^^;
5. Originally thought I should run away from it, but that would be pretty stupid, changed it immediately second time around.
7. "Smash it." I figured if you did it fast enough it couldn't bite you, also my mistake.

So very nice quiz.
I also learned something from it, so this could be very helpful for survival information.

Lare responds:

Welcome to the elite.

it sucks when a expert like me

only get easly mwha no

Lare responds:



i actually agree with cosminel down there

Lare responds:

Then you must be a some sort of an idiot too. I mean, "hold your hand in the sand untiit goes numb"? Seriously? That will cause your hand to die! And trying to eat a poisonous spider? If your dumb enough to try that, you deserve to die. Also, why the hell would you NOT take a satellite phone with you? That's practically a ticket out of there!

this is bad

sorry to tell you this but accurate...here are the corect answers in my opinion
1.A knife(the knife is the MOUST important tool in a survival situation)
2.Rub stick's together
3.Collect rainwater(you can't extract rainwater that easy )
4.Drink fresh water and find some shadow(you can't go for a swim because the situation would be worst)
5.Make loud noise to scare it(you can't attempt to kill him because you will lose...only if you make a trap)
6.Make a Hammock and slip in it(you can't sleep in the jumgle or directly on the beach because there are alot of poison insect's and agresive animals)
7.Attempt to eat it(spider's can be eated)
8.Try to catch them for food
9.Hold your hand in the sand until it goes numb
10.Start gathering fruit's..you have highter chances to survive with fruits and you can gather them more easy that the animals
11.Burn fresh leaves to create a smoke pillar
In my opinion those are the correct answers

Lare responds:

Are you mentally retarded?

I haven't even played this yet.

But I'm going to give you a ten for the monkey island music, so nostalgic.

Lare responds:

Then my plan is successful!