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Reviews for "Shipwreck Survivor"

apparently i impress everyone with my survival skills even bear grylls
wait what are you doing here... dammit boar i told you i would call you... of course the condom didnt break... cause im a crepy guy who keeps his used condoms

Lare responds:



I liked this game a lot. It had a nice amount of humor which was enjoyable. Good wok man! You should make some more of these.

Lare responds:

I actually had a sequel almost finished but then I bought a new computer and left everything into my old computer. Lulz.


Why can't I have sex with the boar and earn a medal for it?

Lare responds:

Because I'm a boring fucker.

Bear Grylls

better drink my own piss

Lare responds:

Should've probably said something about that too...

Real fun

First off, let me just say that this is one of the funnest quiz games I've ever played. No other quiz game has made me laugh so hard. I like how usually two of the options would be legit and the other two just retarded. Having saidthat, you really have to put some thought in a ouple of them. For example, on the first one, I had a hard time deciding between the phone or the knife because I wasn't sure if the phone would still work, but I went with it anyway.

Lare responds:

Yeah, I admit it, I'm hilarious.