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Reviews for "Shipwreck Survivor"

pretty good

the graphics and programming are pretty good for something done in 24 hour.

Lare responds:

Yeah, but I could be tricking you...

It's ok

I don't know that i would put this as a "game" thats why im only giving you a six because there is no gameplay at all i did like the trivia though but try to make a game out of it you have an amazong plot to work with you could make an amazing game out of the plot maybe make it sort of an rpg or something make it to where you have to do ttasks to get food or water things you can find to help you there are so many things you can do but good work on the trivia part i'll be looking for a game (: good luck

Lare responds:

So you're saying this is a movie?


otherwise a decent game

Lare responds:

Next time I'll make it in finnish.

I liked this game but...

This game was fun but you need a better plot or storyline and more or better questions but other than that good game

Lare responds:

Like I said...

i like it

only thing i didnt like was some of the obvious wrong answers lol cool flash

Lare responds:

Maybe you're too genius for this.