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Reviews for "Shipwreck Survivor"


You didn't happen to take this music from Monkey Island did you???? lol

Oh man I love that game.

Lare responds:

Well that's what I wrote on the File Informaation and credits.

You bastard!

Thanks a lot Lare, now I have a giant erection.

Lare responds:

My skillz are very boner-inducing indeed.


the questions weren't that hard to answer--basically common sense things, plus the other options were obviously not the answer (seriously, "have sex with it"? has anyone stranded on an island ever really weighed that option??). also, don't assume that the player of your games is male ("be a man and ignore it" is exclusionary).

Lare responds:

The general popultaion seems to agree with my opnion on this review.

nice lvl game and


Lare responds:

It must've taken you a long time to write that review.

Pretty good

The only thing I found poor about it was the list of answers. The right one was usually pretty obviouse out of the bunch so just kinda,try and make them less noticable,It can be hard to do I know,I encounter that problem on a number of my quizes. Nice job tho.

Lare responds:

I wasn't really going for the realistic point of view.