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Reviews for "Shipwreck Survivor"


Neat game. Cute graphics, cool music. 10/10

Lare responds:

Oh you...


and looking the review of Sidorio... if you drink your blood, is hard for the body to produce more, if you're not eating, and your fluids are supplied by blood.... sorry, but not a good way to survive... great game

Lare responds:

That's absolutely right. I bet Sidorio is a real dummy.

i got

i'd survive easily 1st try. this is pretty accurate, i liked it and the right answers are really things you should do.
then my second try i did all the retarded answers XD it made me laugh so much
i loved what you put for the result too it makes you sound pathetic as far as survival goes but then again if you answer the things i did your way past pathetic

Lare responds:

I aim to please.

It's Very Nice...

This is very well done, and even if the graphics aren't the best in your opinion, they still please the eyes.

The music is very good.

Also, this isn't really the same as some other games that are just a test of the maker's abilities, its actually worth multiple play-throughs because it has an interesting line of questions.

My only suggestion for next time, less intro, more game.

Good luck on your future work.

- Sage

Lare responds:

I have a fetish for long intros.

It's okay.

Not bad, it would have been nice to be able to skip the intro text right to the blackboard.

Lare responds:

Indeed it would, indeed it would...