Reviews for "Abo's Facebook Adventure"

Face-Booked !

He should damn as well get a twitter ! Facebook is not a place to rant ...

1 thing!!!!

my ONLY problem with this ep was that siren sound. That was a fire truck not an ambulance. That deep horn is for firetrucks and the higher pitch one i guess for other vehicles, being a fruit loop im going to point that out. Other then that , this is one of my favorites 10/10 9/9 8/8 7/7 6/6 .....ext. <3

Sykohyko responds:

i know but usually when ever you call the ambulance they always come accompanied by a firetruck. Even if some one is having a heart attack they send a fire truck.

abo needs twitter

i'm not going to bother to count the amount of posts but they're just too many for any normal facebook person and that's why we have twitter


It's so true!

There is a knife in my arm

lol best flash ever, great in everyway