Reviews for "Abo's Facebook Adventure"

man thats awesome

i freakend lold at this

u make me pee

very funny

AHHHHHHH, Ha ha ha ha ha HA!

Oh Abo, he does provide entertainment, doesn't he? I like Facebook, but yeah, some people do take it to far with the updating of their profile every second!

That was comedic gold!

Yup, that is kinda pointless.

Not the cartoon-- I mean the whole "updating your profile every second" thing. Why do people have to write in facebook about every little thing they do? People dont really need to know that (not unless you want a stalker or anything).

So that wasn't the only time that the guy stabbed himself? HAHAHA, he's an accident waiting to happen.
I give this cartoon a 10/10! Awesome.


omgee tht was freakin FUNNY!:))