Reviews for "4:20"


Mario you dumbass, Jerry Garcia was he leader of the Grateful Dead! You must be somethin like 12 to not know Garcia. DAMN! Well, this was a funnymovie. You know...4:20 is also Hitler's B-day...just a side note.


Dude, I'm freakin blazed and that was awesome as SHIT. Holyyyy shit. Yeeeah man. Good work, and i'm gonna look at all your other stuff... I hope you have more like this one. You matched the characters facial expressions perfectly, and the artwork was just badass. Also, good use of color man... And the bubbles??? FUCK YEAH. Good work Brother.


Nice ;)


that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

thats how u smoke take a nice ass rip from ur nice ass bong and just fly p.s. grab sum snacks 4 the flight it depeans if u got 3 rd class 2 nd class or 1 st class hahaha enjoy ur flight