Reviews for "4:20"

Nice JOB!

Iliked the good job of sync. of mouth movements @ the very least a #4+

short funny

this movie was pretty funny. The music was mellow and went along with the flash animation very well. Also this was a creative way to show 2 stoners and what they see and do. An intresting movie with some funny characters and overall a funny short moive with wakcy animation

Alos this was presented with good humor start until end.


That was very wierd. I dunno.....everything doesn't seem to flow right and the characters look pixelated or cut-out. I dunno it looks wierd. Yeah.....you tried to express a mood (being high), and you did it well.

Good Job......it was pretty good.

Liked the bush thing

Nice one...I have to admit I was enjoing this flash on the herb but well....and nice Bush theme you got there :D

nice visuals

I especially liked the singing cherubs