Reviews for "4:20"


wow... this movie was great i wish the weed i have down here was that good... mmmmm well i'm gonna have to smoke a bowl or twoand watch this agian abd agian and agian untill i get interested by the doorknob

Wooh! Nice

Fuck you to the anti-pot smokers. You don't know shit about weed so eat it (shit, you morons).

Weed rules.
This cartoon rules.
nuff said.

Responding to:

"First of all, pot heads are wussies. Cough syrup and meth and coricidin kick ass. weed is the lowest form of all drugs. it isnt even a fucking drug! its a plant."

Uh, okay there you bloody poser.
Cough syrup? Yeah okay, drinking some of your dad's medicine is quite a bit more macho than smoking a blunt.
You don't think plants are drugs?
Okay, yeah try some datura then talk.

Damn, you punk kids with your emotionally smashed lyrics in your profiles. Go back to your god awful Slipknot (Which is also a poser band).

Holy shittttttt

This is awesome! I'm so baked right now...

Amazing...and deep

The cat looked happy, but really the next time you think you wanna hallucinate...but kush, no it's not the same thing as weed, it really does fuck you up (:

P.S. BluMarv1 below me, that's mainly kush that makes you hallucinate