Reviews for "4:20"

That was Great

My friend has a bong just like that one (we call it Yoda) this was a nice ass flash, keep 'em coming

Not bad.

I kinda liked that, it might be because I am pretty high right now. But are you a republican? Because bush is no angel.

wat da faaarrrkkk?

man wot was the point of making this,to torture people? there was sooo many different directions you could have gone with this.AND you implied that george bush is an angel.some advice: that is idiotic pls dont imply that again.im beggin you dude.

thought wrong

hmm...i thought this might be funny, but it isnt.

Responding to:

"First of all, pot heads are wussies. Cough syrup and meth and coricidin kick ass. weed is the lowest form of all drugs. it isnt even a fucking drug! its a plant."

Uh, okay there you bloody poser.
Cough syrup? Yeah okay, drinking some of your dad's medicine is quite a bit more macho than smoking a blunt.
You don't think plants are drugs?
Okay, yeah try some datura then talk.

Damn, you punk kids with your emotionally smashed lyrics in your profiles. Go back to your god awful Slipknot (Which is also a poser band).