Reviews for "How to Draw Males&Females"


I can't draw. Yjis showed me how in a way that was informative, magnificent, frame by frame and very easy to follow. The eyes were weird close up but looked really good zoomed out. Amazing work. Simply beautiful.

Thanks for your help!


You fixed the audio thing I talked about in one of the earlier ones. This one also shows some great improvement in the art quality. Also, the extra audio pieces you added fit rather nicely.

I like this one the best, you somewhat took all of your awesome ideas, and made them work. Nice job!

it was okay

informative on how to draw but would be more interesting to make it an actual movie you watch not just click on it, because that was annoying and got annoying real quick.


The forearms are way too big

i have never seen a human with forarms like that

look at posemanics.com

JTmovie responds:

its just cause im drawing on the computer, it makes it tougher. i just hope people get an idea how to draw it not exactly the sizes, thats up to them