Reviews for "How to Draw Males&Females"

Great job!

Seriously, your previous about the female form was pretty neat.
You should make a giant tutorial on how to make comic drawn things, that ought to be very nice.

Keep it up, and thanks for honouring Michael Turner. <3

R.I.P Michael Turner

Ps - please send me the song? ; )

JTmovie responds:

hahahah Thanks

lol which song though? all the songs used in the video are on the left by my icon, if those are the ones your talking about lol


taught me some sketching techniques, really good work dude, keep it up, although, maybe have a bit of text explaining in the next one. thanks heaps though, it really helped me.

Hey nice,

I could actually use this...

I like that you used my song, but it loops right when it gets kickin' awww. XD
Nah, that's fine. I think I got some extra traffic because of this. ;)

JTmovie responds:

no problem man, thanks for making it. yeah i kind of made the song to short lol


very nice how to draw flash

the male arm looks like a penis 0_0

gj tho