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Reviews for "Enjoy Your Heaven"


Great stuff. Unique concept, and very, very good animation. But you earn the most points for the voice acting - much better than your usual amateur stuff. The whole package seemed very professional, and it was entertaining to boot. It all just ended a little too abruptly, hopefully you'll find the time to fashion a sequel, so we can see what happens to our heavenly deviant of a protagonist.

Oh, and was the stool-pigeon prisoner voiced by the same guy that did the TarBoy narrator / grandfather? Love that guys voice, it's great

That was great!

That was a pretty good movie! Artwork was very good and the acting and voices were perfect! I also agreee that it could have been longer, but the end I loved. It was hilarious! And to answer porcupine89's question, I think he was in for the money. Keep up the great work!


it was a work of art but i wish it could have been longer


Very nice. My only problem was with the story. I still dont entirely know what happened. It appears that he was arrested for sneaking back into heaven after... ehhh, pissing off he who is without petty anger? And then, during his 2 hour ago flashback, it seems he was arrested whilst sneaking someone ELSE into heaven for profit. He was leaning on the hole, carelessly, not worried at all about getting in. So i question... what was his motive?


Great Job!