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Reviews for "Enjoy Your Heaven"

wow he's lucifer?

thats awesome anyway that was funny but was that guy with the top hat old man jenkins voice?


I honestly think that this submission deserves more recognition that most of the other videos here at Newgrounds. The story is clever, well written, and VERY entertaining, and the jokes in the movie were really quite hilarious. And the animation is one of the best uses of tweening I've ever seen! (It really does look nice when it's used properly) And the acting was quite nice as well. In fact, the police interrogator sounded a lot like Mike Pollock. So nice job!

Holy Crap!!

I absolutely loved this!! The animation was really well done. A perfect mixture of frame by frame and tweening. I loved the voice work. Mike Pollock is one I'm highly familiar with and he did an amazing job as usual. Eric Gusky did a very perfect job with the calm and laid back voice as well as the angry tone at the end.

The premise is quite interesting, and does a great job symbolizing what people would do to get their reward, even if it means going down into the new level of low. It was highly original. Keep up the good work.

Great idea

Proof that no matter where you go, there will be crime. Awesome job. The animation, souds,music,voices, everthing was awesome. Plus, thats a pretty kickass suit.


That was hilarious especially the end credits. Great animation too.