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Reviews for "Enjoy Your Heaven"

I liked it, the story, the noir, and the animation. It was excellent. However, I felt that the hold "heaven" thing took away from the story. But it may very well just be my opinion. Good job.

It's animations like this that makes one angry at the mainstream networks for not paying more attention to websites like newgrounds. The animation is great, very professional looking. The music was awesome and the voice acting was PERFECT, way better then what you expect on an independent, non-profit flash film! The story, well when I heard the noir style music, art and cliché detective scene I was not expecting it to be a story about a hustler in heaven lol, very original and creative so you get extra points for that. Excellent job you definitely should have a future in professional animation and this would be a great piece to have in your portfolio.

"Shut up!! Shut Up You Cheap Bastard!!"
God that was classic!! XD


The story was great, it was unique and it worked really well. Easily good enough for a part 2. All the voices fit into their characters perfectly and the music really added to the scenes. The quality let it down a bit, so hopefully that won't happen next time.

Overall, 9/10, 5/5 favourited. Would really like to see a part 2.


Wow. The complete lack of recognition on this site for this short is astounding, seeing how sleek/professional it is. The animation and voice acting were both great, and the dialogue/structure is near perfect.

Feature Film anytime soon?