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Reviews for "Enjoy Your Heaven"

Not bad.

Good stuff. But a blonde queer that has an Italian mobster accent?


I can't comment this, this isn't flash, this is a movie...
It's too good for me to comment, I'll just say it's amazing :D

i agree!

i agree with williamwrbet, i mean, he's right. if you release a full feature length film that would be like an hour and a half long, then you'd have a lotta money on you're hands! it wouldnt even have to be in flash, it could just be an actual film that'll sell on the shelvs.

Great - no less

I absolutely love this. The story is excellent, the time skips are a nice addition and I like how you don't quite find out what happens to the very end - keeps you in suspense.

I have one question though: was the voice of the 'older' man, the one in the suit who didn't pay the main character the voice of the old man in 'Tarboy'? I really recognised the voice, I think. (Could someone PM me back about this? I'm not sure if NG has a 'reply on your comment' notification.)

curtiSmith responds:

Hi, glad you liked it. Yeah it was Eric Gusky, same voice as the grandpa in Tarboy.


THis should be extended, given more stuff, and you have a great 30 minute movie that would sell. Excellent