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Reviews for "Looming"


Nice game:D
I finish him:D

I loved it but.............................

i agree with AlexK5

an artful experience you wont soon forget

these people that live in Looming, they are so vivid, so... real. as i walk through this dead world, I can almost feel the life trying to reach out and grab me through its dark, unforgiving shadows. this game is a masterpiece, a true, legit, adventure through a world where the shadows whisper dark untold secrets to you.
January, my love, Looming is a magical game


This game truly is a work of art.

Sidenote: To get the secret medal all 9 portals must be completed an then "Notes" will show up in the main menu. Click on "Notes" to get the secret medal.

Also, if anyone wants to replay the game but doesn't know how to reset the game progress, search with google "adobe flash player website storage settings" and click the first link (should be the one from macromedia).

There will be a control panel in which you can delete stored website data, so delete the newgrounds one or just delete all. Hope this helps.

Creates a very immersive world

You've managed to create an entire environment, with an extremely rich history. I love how the game makes you work but it's not impossibly difficult.