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Reviews for "Looming"

Another fantastic game.

As soon as I saw that GregoryWeir had published another game, I was immensely happy. I've collected all of the artifacts and have all but two of the endings (2 and 9) which I couldn't find even after systematically traversing the entire map. I wasn't bored at all during the game: something about it stayed intriguing the entire time, and I was at worst frustrated with myself for not being able to figure it all out. However, the stories driving the game forward were deeper than professional games and critically acclaimed books. This game was really something special, I only wish I could have finished it.

I'll look again.


Im amazed how great this game was. i love Myst but i never heard of Yume Nikki. gunna have to check it out. im glad alot of others have also rated high for this game because it deserves it.

Not the usual

This is truly a fantastic game. I haven't had one this thought provoking, keeping me up until 4 in the morning until I found every piece. Even if I have yet to open all the portals, it is an interesting world, tying in the contrast between the Lorem and Seecha while making me ponder some of the themes in the game. Favorited for sure~.

Neat Night!

It's 2:15 AM right now. And this game fit perfectly the mood. Nice job!

Very good game!
Is there any chance you took the word "Looming" from Estonian, where it means "creation"?