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Reviews for "Looming"


Your work always leaves me with a strong desire to escape from my body. Very good work on this one, I felt as if the landscape where more real to me than the world outside my window.

wow nice job

looming gives off a creepy vibe. and i love the couples names; january and september

Good game, forget the crickets

Games good for the concept and story if you follow it but really the whole thing can be busted pretty quickly by sectioning off the map and walking a grid. The only depth is in the story and it's almost annoying to have to run around again and again. Do the sign quest only once, they reset everytime you port out. And you're high if you think I'm going to step on every little cricket in Looming for a medal.

Wouldn't expect less from you,

Mr. Weir. As usual, this really captivates me.
Never ever stop.


I loved exploring the mysterious Looming, the little shreds of history, September "letters" for January...
It would be nice and reassuring though to know in advance that progress is saved.
The signposts need to be visited in a specific order, it appears, and the message about the "second hidden" one isn't too clear...
It took me quite a while to find the last Tally bead, these little treasures aren't very conspicuous.
And I still have two portals to find. I'll have to return to Looming! :)