Reviews for "Project EDDIE"


you goota love this game even if u aint old school!

Next fight

i want eddie to next fight Absolutely every capcom character and absolutely newgrounds character including billy bob maybe he can run him over. Also i know it would be hard but try he should also fight Pico the hardest of the crew. Pico would have a machine gun dynamite and every other weapon you can make i dont care if it takes 10 years make it this way. I said every capcom character make that megaman character including megaman himself but he is trying to save him so he will have to find a way to somehow reprogram megaman without destroying him. without doctor lights help also eddie should become supeior to megaman in the next one maybe he can be a baby Zero and he should become Zero in this next one.


this game rocks this kicks ass i sined up just to review this so be happy


Great game! You should continue! Make Eddie fight M. Bison next. I don't get what the hell was up with that paper fish though....

dis game=COOL!

dude make more plz it rocked but no crappy drawings like dat fishy thang