Reviews for "Project EDDIE"

keep up the good work!

its a great game tom!


hey this rocked could used better ai but hey its a god damed flash game a very good one at that and keep the mega man sprites none of the photo crap itll look cheazy all in all good shit

Not bad, too easy!

That was a great game, Mr. Fulp, but it was too easy! All you had to do was avoid the enemy while it attacked and shoot when they wern't attacking. The fish with the death stars was the most challenging, and only because it moved around. Other than the lack of challenge, rack up another winner!

Great!! just... just great!!!!

EDDIE KICKS ASSES!!!! the idea is really cool, but the best is the megaman-like sprites, background and enemies! The sound is pretty well too... the only problem is that its a little bit easy, you can defeat all enemys with perfect HP...
Still, this is a really COOL game


that was awesome, how'd you come up with such a style with the fish..keep it up