Reviews for "Project EDDIE"


It would be cool if Eddie could get some upgrades, or even buy something to transform into Pico. Make money by surviving, 50 per second at least. If you beat the game and then play again, you get 300 cash. Now here is shop suggestions.
Pico Transform 5000$
Pico Gun 5000$
Upgrade Gun 1000$
Rocket Gun 3000$
Fast Rocket Gun 4000$
Get 100 Per Second 1500$
Get 300 Per Second 2500$
Get 500 Per Second 3500$
Get 1000 Per Minute 4500$
Machine Gun 10000$
Mega Machine Gun 50000$
Mega Ultra Omega Machine Gun 300000$
Get 5000 for beating the game 30000$
View Ending (Beat the game once)




Overall everything was great.one suggestion would be to at least make a shop or a special pwerup.

Very Epic, but way too short. Some ideas though...

First of all, I realize that I'm reviewing this 8 years after it was posted, but I'm new to this site and just found this awesome game today. Secondly, the only reason I didn't give this a 10/10 was because it was far too short. And while I realize this was a quick, work in progress submission, I still wish it were MUCH longer. If you still plan on eventually continuing this series, here are a couple of crazy ideas to continue the plot :

1.The last boss of the game should be revealed to be Roll impersonating Dr. Wily, and her motivation for scrapping Megaman should be her years of "luigi" status.
2. At some point in the game you should fight a Mr. T - Bot ... just saying...
3. While exploring the game, it would be amazingly cool if Eddie could get some sort of powerups ala classic megaman games, or if he could acquire and equip various upgrades.
4. Plot wise, it would be cool if Eddie stumbled into other games or non-Megaman scenarios ( like Eddie flying through the Super Mario ghost houses, or in a Sonic the hedgehog styled stage ).
I hope this suggestions are found to be constructive and result in a sequel or continuation someday soon!!!

I wish it had a point.

Fun game, with a creative ending. Holding A works just as effectively as tapping it. I think you gave fliptop way too much life though. He was practically invincible compared to his enemies. I know you're probably never going to continue this, because you never do complete things as insignificant as these. I can appreciate that, with all the work you have to do keeping newgrounds up and running. Anyway. It was quite a good game, but none of the plot was revealed through game-play, which really made the game bad. Fun, but pointless.