Reviews for "Project EDDIE"

Freaking amazing!

I was very impressed, especially with the entrance of the paper thing. Absolutely brilliant! Keep it up.


this is wat a game should be like,a short level,and a bunch of fun bosses that don't get u pissed at the game and take a week to beet,this was a truly awsome game,but it needs more bosses


it was good but i found a few things wrong with it:
1.Its too short
2.Its too easy
3.There's only one short level
5.The bosses didnt have the little picture under their name

Besides this its a good, fun, well-made game

Me=I Love it

Holy Crap...really well done.....i would suggest adding power-up like in the megaman games


i know ive said this before. take this and the other games youve made and update them and put them on gba or put alien hominid and the others on ds. wow that was a long sentance.