Reviews for "Project EDDIE"


not bad storyline, but the game itself is FREAKING IMMPOSSIBLE!!!! ADD SOME HEALTH PICKUPS!!!!!


mecha dragon: (roars like godzilla)
Eddie:OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i beat the game without taking dagame!

ok here is my idea

maybe the dude like has a way to buy upgrades and parts of like old robots and then he has to go IN SPACE and fight like a giant pig the has frickin laserz attached to his frickin head, and then after that you go to like somewhere in washinton D.C. and you have to battle your way through politicians and then all of a sudden you see a old old president( dont want to make fun of new president) and you have to shoot him down while he throws legislation bills at you and the after that you go to america and have to fight off fatty foods and then a really really really REALLY obease guy comes out and you have to destroy him while he barfs at you, throughs foor at you, and burps at you( the burps would stun you for a short period of time) and after that you have to go get megaman and then you fight the old dudee in a robot suit the is like super tall and he gotz lots a guns and you have you should his heas which is his only weak spot, then you save megeman and then some other guy comes and says yoink and takes megeman while he is still tied up and then the third one comes out. (no i wasnt thinking too hard bout this, it said leave suggestions and i said ok and randomly put stuff that i think is good, thank you for reading this, i know it is time consuming)

the best

this is a super fun and fast game