Reviews for "Project EDDIE"

Quite OK

Good game, but way toooo easy and short.
But all in all a very funny game


Never Finneshed it, but pretty good....

Dwell in the past...but Eddie is in the present!

While my time here on newgrounds, I have seen many horizontal flight games. It is sad to say that I didn't love the art in most of them and almost hated the simple animations. When you play a game like this, small details, wicked music and fun animations are the ones that bring you closer to the experience. So, getting some good old sprites is always a fun choice. Creating them yourself is even more challenging...but this game brought back some nice memories of old times when i played RAPTOR as a kid :) These type of games never get old, and I even think that more should be made today, cause there are many of us that will still love them and play them in one breath. So go ahead and dwell in the past with this small robot Eddie that is trying to save our old hero Megaman. You will have a great time! :)

About the story: Good start! You should continue with a couple of harder levels then a twist is required. Something like...MEGAMAN DIES! and everyone are sad and your powers are weak for the next three levels. Then Eddie decides that he will be the next Megaman and destroy every villain that kidnapped the original Megamen. Then upgrades should be added, talent trees and all that...near the end you fight the last boss and after that you find out that Megaman is actually alive! And after that you should make a choice: A GOOD CHOICE: give up your powers and return being a maintenance droid happy that Megaman was alive, OR A BAD CHOICE: Fight in an Epic Battle vs MEGAMAN!

This is just one option of how the story should go.

Thanks for this game Tom, hope you won't forget it, you made my day :)



I'm sorry to say this but the game was too short and easy for me....

da man

did this second time around unhit! pretty decide fast paced mini game enjoyed it ^^