Reviews for "Project EDDIE"

Wooz bang

You should make it where eddie has to infiltrate Dr Wilys base and defeat hiws henchmen to get to megaman when rescued a self destruct sequence almost blows them up but they get out just in time!!! Great game!!!


but tom, i have an idea for part 2 -
now, eddie is in an normal Megaman stage - and when u get to the robot master, you fight some robot guy and then u kill wily and save megaman !
good idea ?
just make an part 2


The best game i have played in ages the game has brilliant potential just more baddie i reckon you should use the original megaman characters like fireman and ice man etc. these would work very nice but so far so f*cking exellent (I Hav'nt wrote exellent coz i dont know how to spell it :P just trying to avoid it)


Oh man. I love the fish. I think you should make him fight through Mario and Zelda bosses next.


I just wish it was longer, but damn that was cool.