Reviews for "Project EDDIE"

Eh. Nothing special.


Tom Does It Again

With a great remake of yet another classic game. The gameplay is fun, and the intro is a nice addition to the piece making the game an overall great piece of work. In whole, although some may find the game somewhat repetative, the game itself is very enjoyable. One can see by looking, that the author has spent alot of time making the game look right and Tom has done a good job once again. Keep up the great work.

Can we say....

...gay this wasn't even worth the time to review this shit

So cool.

This is one of the best MM flash games i've ever played. So fun and inovative.

D Chi

Awesome, I loved the Hand drawing the bushes. I almost choked on my dinner. Add a pause button though. Also, for the end, have him fight Mega Man. Great game.