Reviews for "Project EDDIE"

If nothing else, it was funny.

typical old-school megaman graphics
its nice to be able to use rockets instead of only a blaster
and the story is simple enough.
awful short, though.


i both hate and love you that game was epic tell i could not kill the hand lol

more enemies, good game

ireally enjoyed the game, so when you finish it, in my opinion, you should put more basic enemies, like the ones at the begginig after some bosses, making it more entertaining. after all, it is my opinion and the game is yours, and i will be plating it, haha. good luck :)

Ideas for levels

Ok, this sucker was just way too short to really get a good feel of the game, so I'm shooting in the dark here.

Since Eddie here is the main character at the moment lets work with him. I like Tane89's idea about skill trees, let Eddie develop into either a light quick shooter, a powerful striker or able to resist the damage the baddies throw at him and let his sprite change as he develops into those classes. Gives change for the people out there. I for one love the high speed but low armor flyers, meaning I can get in and out and deliver damage in ways slower ones cant. And let the players mix the classes as they see fit and the sprites change to show the mix as well.

Ok, level wise let's do some change ups between just flying and Dodging/shooting then boss fight set up. Example, you beat one of Willy's bosses then the stage changes to a chase as he tries to get away. If you catch him you fight willy in his capsule for bonus ******** (Insert currrenty used for upgrades here) and if he gets away you move on to the next stage with no bonus.

More to come as I think of it.

Quite OK

Good game, but way toooo easy and short.
But all in all a very funny game