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Reviews for "[KK] Batman Collab"

Good collab.

This was a fun collab to watch. Overall the parts wern't top quality, except for Joey's part. Great job on your part Joey.

Steff responds:

Oh yes.

Awesome collab guys!

Glad it all worked and, I love the menu too.
And thanks for the praise Sak :3.

Also Ravaneses66, if you should read the review guidelines before you review something. I WILL POST THEM FOR YOU SO NEXT TIME YOU CAN LEAVE A NICE REVIEW

If you are giving this submission a low score, please offer constructive criticism that will be useful to the artist. The review space is not a place for you to act like a total asshole. If your review is found to be mean, offensive, or generally not helpful, you will be banned and your account may be terminated. NOTE: Any attempt to promote an outside, unrelated website in this space will result in the deletion of your user account.

Steff responds:



yeah thats right no pussy fucks with batman

wierd the last one is the best thou


At least you put a lil lil lil bit effort into this - the theme song animation was hilarious. 6/10 and 5/5 because the flash told me to do so.

Steff responds: