Reviews for "Love, Me"

soft music does not mean

that you've said anythimg

good, not more

4 point for animation
2 for scrip
1 for mensaje


Not bad.

It was pretty simple, No offence or anything but I don't really know why this was on the frontpage. It didn't have that same striking effect as some other serious flashes on here, but nevertheless, a good attempt.

Very Heartwarming

Its very nice to see something like this here on newgrounds,

The idea was there...

But people just because the IDEA was good doesn't mean its frontpage material... the frontpage is meant for the best animations at a current time, and I'm sorry but the story was not enough to make up for the simple animation.

If the animation was picked up, or if the story was a a lot more detailed and clearer I'd give you something better... but I'm going to be realistic... it's not frontpage material.... and it isn't all that touching.

Before any of you review me saying that I'm insensitive to soldiers I am a WW2 fanatic and I am touched by many stories... I just don't vote ten because I like a little tiny bit of something... learn to vote properly people... please....