Reviews for "Love, Me"

simplicity is nice

i dont know about other peeps, but sometimes simple works, and me being a soldier i can relate to the stories message. Being down range is a hard time and sometimes the small and simple things like wishing a loved one happy birthday gets you by. 10/10 my friend really enjoyed it


i for one am at an impass its good and bad in its own ways it has a good message but i was under the impression that it would hit a little harder music was ok and animations were fitting but not perfect you deserve a 7 outta 10 keep up the good work

i for one loved it.

i loved the message and i loved the animation. it may have been kinda cruddy animation but it fit and worked. thank you and good job.

nice story

i like the music and the story.
i dislike the graphics.


I didn't like the animation and the story didn't make up for it.