Reviews for "Love, Me"


For those who are critizising, its not about the animation-- rather the message.

It was beautiful. Love can exist on the battlefield, putting it in one way. So many lives are being lost in the Middle East... Many of those soldiers are fathers and husbands and close friends. Can you imagine what saddness there must be in the US (and other countries)?

I like it

And i think it deserves to be in the front page, good job dude! ;)

Lacking. Alot.

You basically put together one good message and a sloppy animation. I get the message, but the problem is that the animation is pretty much half assed. I really don't want to sound like a dick, I see that you tried, but this doesn't deserve front page IMO. If you put a little more effort in it, maybe. But not how it is now.

Not bad.

I feel like the story, which by the way was fantastic, would have been better if he had died with the letter in his hands and another soldier found it and had it delivered to the wife. Also, I feel the letter should of had a little more to say, like "I love you." other than those two things, it was a great flash and I lovedd everything about it. keep up the good work.

Fantastic Message

This probably deserves a 10/10, but I had to ding you for the animation.
Still deserves a place in many people's heart.
Continue with the great work.